Barbados Dance Project
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The Barbadian Dream

The Barbadian Dream is a series of thoughts by some of the participants of Barbados Dance Project as Barbados celebrates it's 50 years of independence. 


“You are 7. You sit among a crowd of 1000’s of Barbadians. The lights dim and for the next hour, you are amazed beyond belief by some of Bim’s best dance talent. Instantly you know that you want dance to be a part of your life.”

This was the feeling I experienced watching my first NIFCA Gala. Watching people so happy in an art form kindled my love for its existence. Dance had become a part of my life through church. It was the hunger to dance, that led me to express my love for God through this form. Throughout the years I developed a love for it and taking it seriously I started to invest in my growth. I was refused dance classes many times as a child for reasons I cannot remember. What I do remember, was attending various summer camps and free workshops which I greatly enjoyed and which helped me to grow. It was programs like these which played a very important role in my life. Being unable to attend routine dance school, I soaked up as much as I could, to practice in their absence. BDP 2016 was my first year experiencing the Dance Project and I likened it unto no other. It was so much more. There was a certain level of professionalism and encouragement unlike anything I have experienced. Imagine being fed gas station popsicles all your life and then one day someone treats you to a Sundae. The gas station popsicles were good but now you have experienced something so much better, it’s rather hard to look back. My first experience was AWESOMEEE to say the least. I learned so much and met many wonderful people; there is no question about whether I wish to return.  I only started to dance professionally two years ago at the Louise Woodvine Dance Academy. Although I enjoyed class thoroughly, I realized many a basic technique I lacked. I am also a part of the New Dimensions Dance Ministries and I current dance at Pearl’s Dance Academy. Amidst retracing baby steps, I am working to grow and develop more. Although I’m not sure of dance as my principle career, it has taught me too much for it not to play a vital role in my life. I intend to continue studying and growing so that one day, I am that dancer on the stage inspiring another 6 or 7 year old.             -Alitha