Barbados Dance Project
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The Barbadian Dream

The Barbadian Dream is a series of thoughts by some of the participants of Barbados Dance Project as Barbados celebrates it's 50 years of independence. 


Hi my name is Liam Woodvine. I currently dance at the Louise Woodvine Dance Academy five days a week and I have taken part in BDP for three years. Dance has impacted me on so many levels. From relieving the stress of school to helping me overcome my shyness, dance has made me the person I am today. BDP has contributed to this impact greatly. It has challenged me to meet Jamal and his teams high standards and has given me confidence in my dancing. My aspiration for the near future is to challenge myself to become better in all of the things that I do, especially dance. I would also like to see in the near future more investment in facilities for dance not only from the government, but the private sector as well.