Barbados Dance Project
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The Barbadian Dream

The Barbadian Dream is a series of thoughts by some of the participants of Barbados Dance Project as Barbados celebrates it's 50 years of independence. 


Who knew that something as small as dancing could turn into such a big part of my life? I've been dancing from the age of three and by the age four i was begging my mother to sign me up for another class. Little did i know that twelve years down the road, I would be so in love with the art that I would decide to take it a step further and make this love of mine into a career. This summer I got the pleasure of partaking in the Barbados Dance Project; and can I just say I'm super glad that I did! BDP was one of the best dance experiences; maybe even one of the best experiences I have ever had in life. Not only did I make new friends and get to share and experience the passion of dance with other dancers; but, I got to feel like I was part of a team, while doing what I loved. The experience in itself made me fall even more in love with dance. I'm eighteen years old now and I'm in my last year in the Barbados Community College dance programme and I'm ready to take another step and further my studies in dance and go and grow from there. - Shakayla Estwick